Trailer with more recent footage from Sundance and REDCAT, Jan/Feb 2012.

And our accompanying printed folio, designed by thirst:

Meeting the precipice

From my Sundance condominium outside Park City, I can see the ski jump track where athletes from around the world launched themselves to Olympic glory in 2002. I sit in the Jacuzzi on the condominium deck, and try to put myself in those skiers’ place: thousands of miles from home, hurtling towards a precipice. The landing is not visible at takeoff. Read more →

PRESS CONFERENCE: Abacus reasserts his authenticity

Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 1 PM, at the New Frontier press room, Park City UT

DMZ EXCLUSIVE: Paul Abacus violently responds to accusations of inauthenticity

Early this morning at Sundance, international theoretical superstar Paul Abacus was leaving a major Park City nightclub accompanied by an unidentified blonde when a bearded paparazzo approached and accused him of not being real. Read more →

Sundance so far

We’ve given two presentations so far here at Sundance and the reaction has been good. Maybe great. People are actually leaning forward in their seats, so that’s a good sign that at least the energy is getting across. I noticed a few tears. We’re creating electricity.

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