Sundance so far

We’ve given two presentations so far here at Sundance and the reaction has been good. Maybe great. People are actually leaning forward in their seats, so that’s a good sign that at least the energy is getting across. I noticed a few tears. We’re creating electricity.

The talk isn’t just a talk, it’s a multimedia performance, so there’s a huge performative aspect, and it can take a lot out of you. Also, once Nick hit me in the head with his steadicam and I had a pretty serious knot there for a week.

I had dinner with some friends from Canada in Park City the other night, and I thought I’d walk around the city after. Forget it! I was literally besieged. “Paul, Paul, Paul…” craziness. I know my ideas, our ideas, are catching on, but this is something new for me. I’m realizing I don’t know where this is going, and it frightens me.

Buzz: There’s definitely real buzz, and there are already a few stories about me out there that are just stories. Bear no relation to reality. So we’re calling a press conference Wednesday over at New Frontier to set the record straight. Trying out this Twitter thing too, and failing hard. #TWITTERFAIL