Corporations Now, Nations Next

When the BP oil spill hit, I found the national response troubling.  The culprit was not BP, nor even so called big oil.  Nor was it our own outright addiction to fossil fuels.  Of course, this is exactly how rapacious corporations, companies, conglomerates living by the codes of free-market capitalism — of which Americans are the author as surely they are of the US constitution — behave.  We must know that this is the environment we choose to tolerate daily.  Sure, there’s Starbucks putting the mom & pops out of business, and there was Home Depot doing the same.  These are the villains we patronized morning noon and night.  And then there’s Wall St., the punching bag of slogans, politicians and the people.  But, there’s little point in blaming any single company, or even a few clustered around a street in Manhattan.  And this is of course what PR is for — to allow a company to best weather the relatively short attention span of citizen rage.  Let’s lengthen our attention spans shall we?


We are governed far less by Democracy than by Capitalism. Does that feel true to you?


Many would have you believe that these two systems work hand in hand.  Of course, as we know, they are not natural bedfellows.  Capitalism has proved infinitely more creative, flexible and, yes, powerful, in the 20th century, and into the 21st.  Could this be changing?  Everything has a half-life, and Capitalism is now changed and marred.  Not because of the so called crisis (we will be in a crisis while any are hungry or homeless)  or the rise of the 99%.  But because, like pants and brake pads, systems wear out and when they cease to function properly, they become obsolete.  We need some new pants.


As a side note, those folks chanting Socialism are clowns.  Leave them be.  We can not change their minds.  We must simply take back education, and teach their children to think more sanely instead.  It will take a generation.  But, really it will take many generations.  As I said, let’s lengthen that attention span, and buckle down.


Take the big money out of elections. Fund real education.  That’s it.  Or rather, that’s the real start of it.


The rule of corporations will wane.  The era of nations, also not so terribly old, or efficient, and certainly not necessary for the most interesting form of Democracy imaginable.  That system too, our constitution, all of it can be adapted.  There are no sacred cows.  The great philosophers of Athens, the luminaries of our revolution — all had slaves.  So, you see, they were idiots too.


None of this is easy.  So, we’ll all have to do a little less of what is easy, and some more of what is hard.  What do you say?