Who is Dr. Bang?

Well, Dr. Bang was an old Japanese man who I met when I was living in the Japanese subways.  I never saw his face, because, as least when I was with him him, he always wore a Giant Panda costume.  Why isn’t important at the moment.  What’s unique about Dr. Bang is that since then, at his urging, I’ve invited many other people I’ve met along the way to inhabit his suit and act as my closest advisor, confidant, and friend.  I forge my opinions and next steps in relation to Dr. Bang, but Dr. Bang is not any one person or perspective, but rather a continuously revolving, semi-open source community of peers.  Up to this point, I asked folks to be Dr. Bang for awhile.  Now, we’re accepting applications, from which we randomly select participants.  I could use your insight.  So now we begin:




Oh, and this might all seem rather arbitrary and perhaps irrelevant.   But then, I should say, I’m trying this whole arrangement out as a model in order to present an alternative for what the US Vice-Presidency, and other similar second-fiddle leadership positions, might better become.  Oh sure there are problems with an analogue between a panda and a president.  But there are problems with the kafka castle our institutions have become.  ‘Transparency’ is an advertisement.  ‘Transparency’ rates well with focus groups.  Take your transparency.  Give us access.  And then take it away, and give it again, to someone else.  Not by lobbying, not by purchased election.  But randomly.  Afterall, as my grandpa said,  anyone who wants power should never have any.  Now ain’t that the truth.  Hallelujah.  Amen.  And I’m not religious per se, but I appreciate the call and response, the recognition of a truth when it dawns.  My first grade teacher, honestly, could run things better, because she’s not an ego-centric power monger, for one.  Amen.