Why #occupy needs Thanksgiving to grow

For the most part, the OWS movement has been portrayed by the mainstream media haltingly and inaccurately, to put it mildly.  Of course, this is not at all surprising as the media has become synonymous with the corporate interests OWS has been railing against.  Alternative media and social networks provide another more accurate, if still incomplete, picture. But these streams, however emergent, still do not reach most American citizen consumers.  This will change, but it hasn’t quite yet and so we find ourselves at a critical moment in this and our national — but really global — narrative.

Excuse me in advance but it’s time to talk turkey. Rather than braving winter nights, every single protester should abandon his or her post and go home for Thanksgiving, even and especially if they haven’t been in years.  Those on the ground know why they’re there and now they must educate their families and friends all across the country about what this movement stands for and inspire them to spread a vision of the movement to the many people outside some urban centers and over the age of 25 who just haven’t yet had the opportunity to see.  Go home.  Eat turkey and stuffing.  Talk to people you love.  Give thanks.  Come back to your tent or your march, and welcome the next massive wave of informed support that will surely result.

Person to person conversation is what the movement needs to expand, and what better moment to show corporations that we’re serious than the beginning of the shopping season?


Corporations Now, Nations Next,

Paul Abacus