Corporations Now, Nations Next

When the BP oil spill hit, I found the national response troubling.  The culprit was not BP, nor even so called big oil.  Nor was it our own outright addiction to fossil fuels.  Of course, this is exactly how rapacious corporations, companies, conglomerates living by the codes of free-market capitalism — of which Americans are the author as surely they are of the US constitution — behave.  Read more →

Who is Dr. Bang?

Well, Dr. Bang was an old Japanese man who I met when I was living in the Japanese subways.  I never saw his face, because, as least when I was with him him, he always wore a Giant Panda costume.  Why isn’t important at the moment.  What’s unique about Dr. Bang is that since then, at his urging, I’ve invited many other people I’ve met along the way to inhabit his suit and act as my closest advisor, confidant, and friend.  Read more →

Why #occupy needs Thanksgiving to grow

For the most part, the OWS movement has been portrayed by the mainstream media haltingly and inaccurately, to put it mildly.  Of course, this is not at all surprising as the media has become synonymous with the corporate interests OWS has been railing against.  Alternative media and social networks provide another more accurate, if still incomplete, picture. But these streams, however emergent, still do not reach most American citizen consumers.  This will change, but it hasn’t quite yet and so we find ourselves at a critical moment in this and our national — but really global — narrative. Read more →